Year Two

The Holistics Academy specialises in providing high quality technical training to students wishing to become practitioners in Holistic Reiki training.

This is achieved through a combination of distance learning and face to face courses over a two year period.

1. Reiki Treatments (level II) Professional

2. Reiki Symbols Level IIIa (advanced)

3.Holistic Reiki treatments IIIa (advanced)

4. Reiki Empath Skills

5. Reiki Chakras and Meridians

6. Reiki Crystals

7. Reiki Acupressure

8. Reiki Sacred Space Clearing

9. Reiki Art of Placement (Feng Shui)

10. Reiki III(a) Attunements and Processing

11. Advanced Distant Reiki Healing

12. Setting Up a Professional Reiki Practice

Year Two students must again pass each module and on successful completion of all 12 modules will be awarded their Certificate Year Two in Holistic Reiki Healing.

Upon successful completion of both years, students are awarded their Diploma in Holistic Reiki Healing which certifies that they are a qualified Holistic Reiki Practitioner, allowing them to conduct Holistic Reiki Practitioner treatments in a professional environment.