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Holistic Reiki energy is a unique form of energy and a powerful energy healing tool with far-reaching benefits. It is a technique that can be taught but cannot be aligned effectively unless the heart is open and a genuine empathy is felt for the client’s needs. Holistic means Wholeness. Reiki is pronounced Ray-key meaning universal life force.  Holistic Reiki is a system of natural healing involving the laying on of hands. Holistic Reiki assists us in balancing our physical, emotional, spiritual and mental bodies personally and those of our clients.

Holistic Reiki can help to relieve pain, both physical and emotional; accelerate natural healing; aid detoxification in the body; induce a state of deep relaxation; calm the mind, body, and spirit, restore a sense of peace; dissolve energy blockages in the body; generally improve health and well-being; release stored emotions; re-balance and amplify the body’s energy; release tension and negative stress; focus the mind, helping to negate confusion and help problem-solving.

For the student Holistic Reiki self-healing helps take you through emotional issues, to seek clarity about who you are and where you are going, to resolve outstanding health problems through personal self balance, self-empowerment and self esteem. It teaches you to stop giving your power away to separation and pain and to look at the issues in your life keeping you in a negative status quo.

Holistics Academy aims to harness this energy and teach the awakening practitioner to ‘Know Thyself’ in Year One before successfully moving onto helping others to heal themselves as a qualified Holistic Reiki practitioner in Year Two.

Our 2 year diploma course is designed for those who are committed to walking the path of Reiki in their lives.

When the student is ready the teacher will appear.