Year One

The Year One programme contains 12 modules and focuses on allowing the student to become familiar with a number of Holistic Reiki Initiations, theory and practicals including self treatment techniques. The emphasis is on enabling the student to understand the processing that follows attunements, how to work with the symbols on the self and show discipline to working with the universal energy of Reiki on the Self before committing to working with others. Students will become familiar and proficient in a number of key Reiki Initiations including the human energy field, the subtle layers of the aura surrounding the body during this first year.


1. History of Usui Reiki

2. Reiki Level One

3. Self Healing

4. Reiki Level Two

5. Reiki Symbols

6. Self Reiki Treatments

7. Distant Healing

8. Reiki Treatments Friends & Family

9. Reiki Attunements

10. Reiki Processing

11. Anatomy & Physiology

12. Subtle Anatomy

The objective of Year One is to become proficient in the application of these Reiki initiations.

Students must pass each module, and on successful completion of all 12 modules will be awarded their Certificate Year One in Holistic Reiki Initiations. This certificate is a pre-requisite for continuing on to the Year Two programme and confirms that the holder has achieved the required standard in Holistic Reiki to progress to Year Two.

The Year Two programme also contains 12 modules and is focused on applying the techniques learned in Year One in a clinic or professional treatment environment. The syllabus is structured around  student learning, professional delivery and conduct of a number of key Holistic Reiki Advanced treatments and techniques. Year Two students must again pass each module and on successful completion of all 12 modules will be awarded their Certificate Year Two in Holistic Reiki Advanced Practitioner Studies.

Upon successful completion of both years, students are awarded their Diploma in Holistic Reiki Advanced Studies which certifies that they are a qualified Holistic Reiki  practitioner, allowing them to conduct Holistic Reiki  professional treatments.