Course Tutors

Skill and experience level: The single most important factor for you the student, is to have the very best Reiki course tutors possible. All our Reiki teachers are highly skilled, trained and qualified with a depth of experience. Between them they also have qualifications and experience in a variety of related therapies.

Practical not Theoretical: Our course tutors also have their own successful practices. This means that they are not just teaching you from a theoretical standpoint, but from actual day-to-day experience. They have become course tutors through dedication, hard work and love of their subject and are committed to maintaining high standards within both the teaching and the treatment arena.

Training and Standards: Master Reiki Practitioners training to be Reiki Course Tutors are only accepted if they already have several years of teaching experience and have proved themselves to have proficient skills in practical and theory. They then undergo a thorough in-house training programme to further develop a very strong knowledge of both psychological and physical awareness of the vast subject of Holistic Reiki and other holistic arts, undergoing further initiations themselves in experiential teaching techniques. This is a pre-requisite before offering shaman bodywork practitioner and tutoral skills as a profession.

All master practitioners and tutors also have to undergo regular CPD (continual professional development) to update their own training each year. They attend complementary courses on an ongoing basis, to extend their knowledge in related subjects, teaching techniques, course upgrades and new units or modules which help keep the programme fresh and up to date for students and tutors alike.

Holistics Academy is currently not offering Course Tutor/Teacher Training.  If you are already trained to Level II or master practitioner and wish to undergo advanced Holistic Reiki training, please contact us for further discussion.