Diploma Programme

Holistic Reiki  Practitioner Diploma

The Diploma offers you the opportunity to acquire the skills, experience and knowledge you need to qualify as a Holistic Reiki Practitioner, allowing you to set up your own professional healing practice to treat members of the public.

Based on a 2 year distance learning programme there are 24 monthly modules of study. Students are allocated a personal tutor to supervise their learning during the course.

The Diploma is a comprehensive, easy to follow academic and practical study of techniques and is designed for those wishing to undertake a more in-depth training in the Holistic Reiki Healing Arts.

Each month students receive course notes for the module and also details of meditations they are required to do. Students are required to submit and complete a lesson review, practical assignment and essay per module. Monthly support is provided through a one and half hour monthly telephone review with your course tutor.  (Optional clinic treatments are also offered by way of additional support at a separate fee negotiation)

Students are also required to attend two weekend courses each year, where they have the opportunity to see and participate in practical demonstrations of Holistic Reiki hands-on treatments and techniques. There will be lots of interactive practicals in the classroom including assessment of  live case studies.

The Year One syllabus consists of 12 modules with the emphasis on enabling the student to understand the human versus holistic healing connection, background to Reiki foundation, levels One and Two and on healing the Self before committing to working with others. Students will become familiar and proficient in a number of key Holistic Reiki techniques during this first year.

The Year Two syllabus also consists of 12 modules with the emphasis on applying these techniques in a clinic environment. The student will learn a number of Holistic Reiki exercises which form the basis of most Holistic Reiki healing treatments. The emphasis is on mastering clinical skills, professional conduct, client care and confident articulation of Holistic Reiki therapies in a professional healing environment.

A Certificate of Completion is provided in all individual modules, upon successful completion of assignment and essay.

Certificate Year One (Holistic Reiki Student) and Certificate Year Two (Holistic Reiki Practitioner) are provided on successful completion of each year of study.