Company History


Diane Davies is the Founder of The Holistics Academy.

She is also the Senior Course Director of the Holistics Academy two year Advanced Reiki Diploma.

Diane has undertaken intensive training and initiations in Holistic Reiki, Crystal Therapy and Shamanic Studies. She is a qualified Reiki Shamanic Teacher and Practitioner. 

Diane also has a private Shamanic Reiki Practice specialising in Sacred Space Clearing with Reiki for houses, offices and buildings.
She is proud to have launched a range of Holistics Academy products consisting of holistic Reiki room sprays, essential oils, carrier oils, candles and incense to complement the Holistics Academy range of meditation CDs.

These CDs were created over a number of years and designed to support the ongoing journey of Holistics Reiki for both students and clients. 

For further details of these products go to our STORE page.