Holistics Academy is the leading provider of Holistic Reiki training in the UK.

The Holistics Academy specialises in providing high quality technical training to students wishing to become practitioners in Holistic Reiki while exploring their own Reiki journey to self awareness.

The training programme combines distance learning modules and face to face workshops over a two year period.  Students may wish to take full advantage of personal Reiki treatments during training and agree a separate treatment plan with their course tutor.  This is a personally tailored package to receive monthly distant Reiki clearing from a qualified Reiki practitioner. Students are encouraged to undergo regular Reiki clearing to maintain personal space clearing.  Treatment plans are negotiated at a separate cost. 

At course tutor discretion, further one to one additional training may also be offered. 

Holistics Academy currently do not offer intensive training fast track courses.

At The Holistics Academy, we do not believe that you can train to be a Holistic Reiki practitioner on a weekend course.  Our objectives are thorough training and qualification before setting up a professional treatment room/practice.

We have  developed a comprehensive two year programme to enable the Holistic Reiki student to learn  at a steady pace.  Students are encouraged to integrate Reiki principles into their own lives as they prepare for the professional Reiki practitioner qualifications.

Our Year One programme, through self-healing processes and Reiki activations, teaches the student to look within to “Know Thyself”. Our Year Two programme focuses on helping others to balance themselves through Holistic Reiki practitioner treatments while understanding the mirror between client and practitioner.

During training, Holistics Academy offers a retreat to Japan, home of Dr Usui and Mount Kyoto where students can journey to sacred places of healing interest.  Students can connect with the powerful Reiki ancestral lineage,  visit Dr Usui’s resting place, and learn more about the subject of Reiki to support their own initiations as they are guided along their personal Holistic Reiki journey.

In addition, Holistics Academy have developed a range of Holistic Reiki sprays, incense and candles which can be used as part of the self healing process in Year One and for conducting Holistic Reiki Healing treatments in Year Two. Student discounts are available on all products.